Top 5 places in the office that we forget to clean

In the process of daily hygiene of the office, several places are often neglected, which are preferred by bacteria and microbes. The accumulation of pollution on these points is gradually becoming a reason to create a negative impression on visitors and business partners. Therefore, we recommend at least twice a year to do a thorough cleaning of the office space to provide a favorable and refreshed environment, which in turn increases the quality of work. Let’s look at the top 5 places where dangerous pollution accumulates:



You can’t even imagine how much dirt accumulates on vertical surfaces. Dust, shoe and fingerprints, stains – all this is sealed on the latex and gives it a worn look. Walls with wallpaper and texture, as well as interior stone cladding also become dirty over time and lose their original appearance, so they must be professionally cleaned. Last but not least, the faience in the bathrooms necessarily needs periodic disinfection to prevent the development of bacteria.



Natural plants give the office space a more cozy and fresh look, while at the same time being an oxygen factory. The bad news is that their leaves collect a lot of dust. This not only interferes with the amount of light that photosynthesis also receives, but also gives them a bad appearance. Artificial plants, no less than natural ones, need periodic cleaning to restore their freshness.


A functional accessory for any window, blinds are items that, like plants, easily accumulate dust in large quantities. Textile or metal, the blinds must be refreshed several times a year to keep them in good condition and also to prevent the spread of dust in the office when using them.



Office chairs and sofas are also among the items that deserve our attention, as their daily use leads to contamination of upholstery and accumulation of germs and mites. In addition, over time, dust and dirt adhere to the wheels of the chairs, which need to be removed periodically.


The small details

Door handles, lighting switches, paintings and sills are among the parts of the office interior that receive the least attention during daily cleaning. They all accumulate fingerprints and germs that go unnoticed in the hectic pace of daily work, and we rarely think about touching the lock and the light switch and then our face or food. For this reason, it is good to regularly clean and disinfect these parts of the office. Undoubtedly, a clean and friendly office space contributes to a better and more positive work environment and higher levels of productivity. If you think these benefits are important for your office, contact us, to get a special offer for subscription or deep cleaning.

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