7 tricks for easier cleaning of the home

40 minutes a day is the average time we spend cleaning and tidying the house. Understandably, cleaning is not one of our favorite activities, especially when we can use these minutes to play with children, watch a good movie or for other interesting activities. Therefore, we offer you these tricks that only professionals know and which will help you both save time in cleaning and make it better.


1. Do not clean room by room

The biggest mistake is to start with one room, clean it completely and then continue with the others, as this slows down the whole process. Our advice is to do the dust cleaning in all rooms sequentially, then move on to other activities such as vacuuming and washing the flooring, again sequentially.


2. Start from the highest point

Always clean from top to bottom, as this will only cause dust to fall on uncleaned surfaces. If you have a house, start from the top floor and for each room follow the rule from top to bottom and from left to right.


3. Look up

The most commonly neglected places at home are the top of cabinets and lanterns. If you start cleaning them regularly, you will significantly reduce the amount of dust in general. The reason? Tall furniture retains dust, which begins to fall when it accumulates, thus further contaminating the surfaces below.


4. Keep everything close at hand

Before you start cleaning, put all the necessary materials in a basket or box so that they are close to you. You will save a lot of time if you do not spend time constantly to take one or another preparation.


5. Microfiber – our best friend

Most people make the mistake of using sponges in the cleaning process or a brush with feathers to remove dust. Microfiber towels come to the rescue here, which not only do not absorb permanently and do not spread germs, but also save money, as they can be used repeatedly after washing in the washing machine. However, always use them in combination with a liquid detergent, because a dry cloth does nothing more than disperse dust and dirt.


6. The vacuum cleaner – what to watch out for

Remember to clean the filters and the container of your vacuum cleaner regularly, because otherwise, instead of collecting dust with its help, you will only spread it.


7. Use cleaning agents properly

Always read the instructions for use of the detergents. As tempting as it is, do not use more detergent than the recommended amount, because this will not lead to a better result, and if the detergent is strong, it can cause allergies and even poisoning. Also, avoid spraying detergents directly on the cleaned surface you are cleaning, as this can lead to a sticky and greasy effect that is difficult to remove. Spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe.

Remember that even if you follow these tips and clean regularly, every home needs a thorough professional cleaning once or twice a year. Contact us, to receive your special offer for deep cleaning or for cleaning only certain parts of your home.


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