This type of cleaning differs from the subscription cleaning in that it is performed over a longer period of time – up to three times a year. It’s includes an extended range of services, rooms and surfaces, and as a result you get a home shining with cleanliness without devoting long hours to the removal of dirt.

When is it appropriate to do?

Seasonal cleaning and the need to refresh the home in depth

Cleaning after or before renting

Cleaning up after large family gatherings and celebrations at home

After a long absence from the property/home

Why should you choose us?

We have many years of experience and guarantee a perfect result with a visible effect

We have a personal approach in our work and take into account the specific features of each home

The high-quality detergents and machines we use clean even the most stubborn dirt in depth.

We use non-toxic, environment friendly and biodegradable products which do not cause irritation

Our professionally trained team is careful when cleaning the furniture and appliances in your home.

Our prices are competitive and affordable

We can perform cleaning in all regional cities in the country

What to expect from us?

Cleaning of hard and soft flooring: We machine sanitize all types of flooring – parquet, granite, terracotta, mosaic, marble, then polish them

Extractors are used for washing carpets and rugs, which remove even the most stubborn dirt and restore the lost shine.

Washing of upholstered furniture:

We comply with the type of upholstery – leather or textile, removing accumulated dust and hair, as well as stains.

Deep cleaning of kitchens and service rooms:

Remove accumulated stains and dried grease from all surfaces, including ovens, hobs and hoods

Deep cleaning of bathrooms and toilets:

We treat the floors, walls, sanitary, mirrors and cabins, removing the accumulated scale and mold, clean the joints and disinfect the premises.

Cleaning of service rooms – closets

Cleaning of doors, sills, sockets

Cleaning of lighting fixtures and air conditioners

Cleaning of walls, ceilings and terraces

Washing windows

Cleaning blinds, washing curtains and drapes

How is the price calculated?

The price depends on the size of your home, as well as on whether you want to include additional services in our standard package. You can calculate the cost of cleaning your home here or contact us by request form.

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