Cleaning after refurbishment

Cleaning heavy soils after refurbishment with ordinary detergents is not just ineffective against the amount of dust and soil accumulated, but may even damage the surfaces. The aim of the professional cleaning is to remove the soil and debris left after a refurbishment and leave the premises pristine.

When to do it?

After changing joinery

After furnishing a new home

After home refurbishment

After plumbing works



Why choose us?

Deep cleaning of dust, cement, plaster, glue and paint leftovers.

We use professional tools and detergents which guarantees damage free cleaning.

Cleaning may be done by stages, according to the plan of the work in order to avoid heavy dust accumulation.

We have many years of experience, which guarantees excellent final result.

Competitive prices.

We work country wide.

What to expect from us?

Floors hoovering and dust cleaning.

Removing paint spots from floors, doors, frames, lamps, switches and sockets.

Cleaning of windows and joinery.

Removing stickers and foils from window frames.

Deep bathroom cleaning, removing the plaster leftovers from the tiles.

Carpet and upholstery furniture washing (optional).

Professional bath and basin cleaning with enamel friendly quality products.

Cleaning and desinfecting tiled surfaces.

How is the price calculated?

The price of our services is calculated over the floorige of the house, the degree of the pollution and the tipe of services you would like to be included. You can calculate the price with our cleaning calculator or contact us with enquiry form.
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