Disinfecting your environment is one of the main preventive measures against Covid-19. If you have concerns and need professional disinfection, Lux Cleaning Team offers fast response, discreet and lawful range of disinfection services.

What is the process?

After you submit request for disinfection, we will contact you within the working day to reserve a disinfection time. We strive to be at the site within 24 hours from the date of the application in major cities.

Upon arrival, our team inspects the site, analyzes contact points and surfaces such as – handles, buttons, doors, all kinds of equipment, railings, etc. A preparation with proven bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virocidal action is applied to them.


National coverage

The service is available for your home as well as for administrative and residential buildings, warehouses, offices, hospitals, shops, vehicles. Whether you need Covid disinfection at work or pest control at your home entrance, our DDD service package has been carefully selected with your interests in mind.

Cleaning supplies

pochistvashtipreparati професионална фирма за почистване Лукс клининг тийм

Micro-Quat Classic

For flooring and bathrooms, Micro-Quatt Classic is a double-acting detergent – cleans and disinfects surfaces.
The biocide is with permission from the Ministry of Health 0729-5 / 30.10.2020.
It is applied in the form of 2% aqueous working solution. It is spread on the surfaces by spraying.
шишета с препарати професионална фирма за почистване Лукс клининг тийм

Sirfan Speed

For contact points and surfaces – Sirfan Speed is a ready-to-use product for quick disinfection of surfaces without subsequent rinsing, with a wide range of action against bacteria and viruses with a coating. The biocide is with permission from the Ministry of Health № 0069 / 22.02.2019

Whether you are looking for a one-time solution for your home or subscription solutions for your company. Choose one of our services and make an appointment for DDD with a specialized team of Lux Cleaning Team now online or on the phone +359885966755

Have questions or want to order disinfection?

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