Showcases and Façades

Showcases are a benchmark for the cleanliness of any room, as they build the appearance of the object and create the first impression. Therefore, they must always be shiny and professionally cleaned. Frequent washing of the windows is mandatory if you want them to retain their shine and transparency without traces of layered dirt.

Facade cleaning, in turn, is important not only from an aesthetic point of view. It is mandatory to protect the structure and cladding from dirt and corrosion. It is a specific activity that requires an individual approach and well-trained professionals, including climbers.

We can boldly say that we are a leader in subscription cleaning of shop windows and facades, as we are preferred and trusted partners of dozens of companies with a network of shops and offices throughout the country.

Our services

Washing and subscription maintenance of shop windows

Washing and subscription maintenance of windows and joinery in offices and administrative buildings

Cleaning of windows and facades after repair and replacement of windows

Washing of hard-to-reach facades, unopenable glass and billboards.


Who is it suitable for?

Office and business buildings


Hotel complexes

Administrative buildings


Schools, hospitals, etc.


Why should you choose us?

Our professionally trained employees work precisely and quickly

We strictly follow the approved cleaning schedule

We offer quality height cleaning, and for this purpose we have scaffolding and towers

We use professional equipment and preparations

We take care of the surfaces, protecting them from scratches

We also reach hard-to-reach places

We offer excellent value for money

We have mobile teams in every part of Bulgaria


How is the price calculated?

We offer prices according to subscription plans or an agreement, where the pricing is influenced by the height, area, degree of pollution and accessibility of the shop windows and facades. Sent us request.
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