Subscription Cleaning

It is offered as a supplement to the subscription cleaning, and is suitable to be done once or twice a year. This service includes specific activities that are not part of the daily cleaning, as it does not pay attention to every detail and does not sanitize all surfaces and parts of the interior. Therefore, during the subscription periodic cleaning we focus on the hard-to-reach places in the office, move desks and furniture, sanitize under and behind them, take care of soft flooring and upholstery, clean yellowed and ink-stained equipment, and the result is a completely refreshed workspace and a healthy environment for you, your employees and business partners.

What to expect from us?

Wipe dust off desks

Wipe computers and office equipment


Cleaning of hard floors

Cleaning and washing of elevators and stairs

Cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.

Supply and refilling with hygiene products and sanitary consumables

Emptying waste bins and replacing garbage bags

Cleaning of common areas – corridors, stairs, elevators, etc.


Why should you choose us?

The detergents we use are tailored to the surfaces and do not harm the equipment and furniture in your office.

We are strictly following the approved cleaning schedule

We are cleaning the whole area without saving effort

We  provide a healthy environment by using professional preparations that are harmless to the health of your employees and do not contain allergens.

We  charge and monitor the availability of hygiene supplies in the office

You rely on maximum discretion, correctness and professionalism on our part

We offer good value for money

Our prices include consumables and all the technical equipment we use

We are covering all regional cities in Bulgaria

We offer the service for one or a network of offices

How is the price calculated?

The price can be calculated according to subscription plans or an agreement, where the square footage of the office space, the number of sites, the number of weekly premises and the cleaning activities chosen by the client are taken into account. Sent us request.

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