Bathrooms and toilets cleaning

Bathrooms and toilets are a favorable environment for the development of microbes, and humidity contributes to the formation of molds, whose spores adversely affects health and are a prerequisite for triggering a number of allergies. Although you clean bathrooms weekly or even more often, there are critical points that need special attention and professional disinfection to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria.

What do we care about?




Toilet seat

Shower cabin / glass partition and shower






Why should you choose us?

We precisely treat the accumulated stains and mould with professional steam cleaners, which guarantees complete disinfection

We deep clean the joints  and remove the accumulated microbes

Depending on the specifics of the pavements and the sanitation, we precisely select the products with which we proceed

Our products are non-toxic and harmless, while building a powerful protective layer that is resistant to contamination.

We do not use hard brushes and abrasives that can adversely affect the flooring

We have many years of experience in cleaning, which guarantees the return of shine in the bathroom 

We offer competitive prices

What to expect from us?

Cleaning wall tiles

Cleaning joints with powerful detergents with antibacterial effect

Washing and disinfection of toilet bowls, seats, soft ties and cisterns

Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces

Remove scale from showers and faucets

Door cleaning

Washing the sink and bath with detergents to ensure the integrity of the enamel

Washing and disinfection of hard floors (terracotta and faience)

How is the price calculated?

The price is calculated depending on the number of rooms (bathrooms and toilets), their size, the degree of pollution and the type of activities you need. You can calculate the cost of cleaning your home here or contact us by request form.
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