Corporative Clients

The cleanliness is very important for the image of every business. The client’s  first impression when they visit your office is based on its neatness.

Friendly and tidy working space not only gives good impression, but it is vital for the productivity and creativity of the staff. Office cleaning is important assignment and it should be performed by professionals relying on adequate tools and products, guarantee for healthy and safe working environment.

Hiring professionals will give you not just regular sanitation but quality one from the very entrance of the premises to the last bit of furniture. Swiftness, precision, reliability and care are the factors to influence the choice of a trustful cleaning business partner.

Our services

Everyday subscription for cleaning and maintenance of offices, common spaces, administration and business buildings, factories.

Deep cleaning subscription for offices.

Cleaning of windows and displays.

Supply and delivery of cleaning materials.



Why choose us?

We guarantee discreet service in hours suitable for you and your staff.

We are extra careful with the equipment and documents in your office.

We mind the individual preferences of your employees.

We use contemporary specialized products delicate with equipment and furniture.

Our products are biodegradable, innocuous and environment friendly.

Our products do not contain sulfate or toxic components therefor they do not cause allergies.

We operate country wide with office in every regional city.

Competitive prices.


How is the price calculated?

We offer solutions for small business offices, and large office buildings. The price is calculated according to the individual needs of the client, depending on the size of the room and the selected time interval of cleaning. In the price offer include consumables and technical equipment that is used during cleaning. Send an inquiry.
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