How to keep your home clean in winter?

Strange as it may sound, we need to pay more attention to seasonal autumn cleaning than to spring cleaning. Why? Due to the fact that on the one hand the accumulated dust in the summer, when we keep the doors and windows open more often, is not small, and on the other – during the long winter season we have to spend a lot more time locked at home, which requires order and cleanliness. Where to start?


The furniture

Move all the furniture and clean behind them, and also go with a vacuum cleaner on the underside, facing the floor. This will minimize the accumulated dust. However, we advise you to be careful with the upholstery – if you notice stains on it or it has lost some of its original luster, it is better to entrust it in the hands of professionals.


Horizontal surfaces

To prepare for the winter season, which is known for the viruses that cause coughing and sneezing, we need to get rid of as much dust as possible. This includes not only interior doors, lamps, paintings and mirrors, but also books in the home library, which are a real challenge to clean.



Wash and disinfect mainly bathrooms and toilets, not missing the areas under and behind the sink and toilet bowl, sewer, joints, waste bin and accessories.


Windows, blinds and curtains

Studies show that dirty windows let in 20% less light. In the winter months with a shortage of daylight hours, this is a serious loss. Therefore, be sure to take the time to clean the windows inside and out. Blinds and curtains also need to be refreshed because they retain dust and allergens. They are often made of delicate fabrics, so in no case do not use aggressive methods or washing machine. Rely on dry or professional cleaning.


Prepare the entrance to the house for the winter

Shoes are the ones that bring the most dirt into the home. Therefore, place a suitable mat on the outside of the door to hold the mud and leaves. Place an umbrella stand in the hallway to prevent the flooring from getting wet.


Refresh the mattresses

In winter we spend more time warm at home, and what could be better than to be lying down. Although we wash the sheets regularly, this is not enough for good hygiene. Mattresses also deserve attention, and it is good to clean them every few months. At home to absorb the dust you can use baking soda, which you sprinkle on the mattress, and after an hour to clean with a vacuum cleaner. If all this seems difficult and time consuming, contact us, to get a special offer for deep cleaning or for cleaning only certain parts of your home.

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