Four golden tips on how to turn spring cleaning into child’s play

The mention of the word “spring cleaning” arouses negative emotions in every housewife. This process is associated with a number of activities that affect every inch of the home and this inevitably aggravates and complicates the overall picture. Nevertheless, spring cleaning is extremely important, especially considering the accumulated dirt from the past winter months. Forever closed windows, lack of fresh air, the presence of a lot of snow and mud outside, are detrimental to the well-being of your home.

Taking into account all the negatives and the many hours that spring cleaning will take you, it is extremely important to charge yourself with a lot of patience, good mood and loud music. All this would help you to create a positive attitude, through which cleaning will not be a difficult task at all, and including the whole family in it will make it extremely fun.


Four golden tips for turning spring cleaning into child’s play

To facilitate the process of spring cleaning, we can offer you the following tips, which, among other things, will help to properly organize all activities related to the hygiene of your home.


Preparation of a checklist

The first piece of advice is to make a checklist, which will help you identify the key places to clean and avoid the possibility of missing something. Given that this type of cleaning covers absolutely all parts of your home, it is possible to miss some key elements that will subsequently belittle your work. An example is that in some cases the dusting of a more specific place is omitted, which gradually begins to contaminate the already cleaned ones. We all know that after such a spring cleaning it is extremely difficult to create any attitude for a new cleaning and precisely because of this fact it is good to prepare these checklists.


Creating a business strategy

Secondly, it is important to create a good cleaning strategy in which you need to emphasize the sequence of all activities. The most tested and working method is the divide-and-conquer strategy. It is about dividing the main rooms in the home and cleaning to be done in each room separately, ie. if you choose to clean the kitchen counter first, it is most effective to pay attention to all other parts of the kitchen as well, and only then move on to the living room.


Providing hygienic materials

Thirdly, it is important to get the whole arsenal of detergents and tools. With their help the whole process will be much faster and easier. The best friends in cleaning of each housewife are:

  • Gloves;
  • Cleaning detergents;
  • Microfiber towels;
  • Floor cleaning mop;
  • Garbage bags;
  • Paper and absorbent towels.

Of course, you can find the whole set of these products with us, because as a cleaning company we strive to cover the entire cycle, from the cleaning itself to the hygienic materials needed for its performed.


The housewife’s award

Last but not least, every self-respecting housewife loves and also deserves to reward herself for the efforts made. Go out with friends or stay home with a good book or an interesting movie.

To conclude our article, we can definitely say that all the hustle and bustle of spring cleaning is extremely stressful for the whole family. Due to this fact, we at LUX CLEANING TEAM offer you a long list of services, that will partially or completely eliminate the annoying activity called “spring cleaning”.

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